Pavimental designed and implemented its own Quality Assurance System way back in 1999. The materials manufactured internally and used in construction (concrete, asphalt, etc.) are all certified, either voluntarily or in compliance with harmonised regulations.
Company processes are subject to ongoing inspections of compliance with law and management procedures to ensure compliance with set environmental standards. Ongoing training and accurate checks are regularly conducted to protect the health and safety of the company's workers as well as external parties the company works with.

Quality Assurance Certifications

ICMQ Certification as Building Company

Certificate for the Production of Asphalt Concrete

FPC Certificate for Cement Bound Granular Mixtures Turate

FPC Certificate for Cement Bound Granular Mixtures Paderno Dugnano

FPC Certificate for Modified Asphalt (Loreto)

FPC Certificate for Modified Asphalt (Bologna)

FPC Certif icate for Modified Asphalt (Magliano Sabina)

FPC Certificate for Concrete (Fiumicino)

Certification of the Environmental Management Programme

ISO 14001 Certificate

Certification of the Occupational Health and Safety System

OHSAS 18001 Certificate
Sustainability Certification

ICMQ MtiS-00004_0001 Certificate Zola Predosa  (Italian)
ICMQ MtiS-00015 Certificate Barberino Infrastrutture  (Italian)