Pavimental Polska

Pavimental Polska Sp.z o.o. is a company incorporated under Polish law in January 2008, a 100% owned subsidiary of Pavimental S.p.A..

In 2015 Pavimental Polska achieved a turnover of 28 mln PLN (7 mln Euro) and employed 66 people.


2008-2009 refurbishment of 10 bridges and repaving of the A4 Katowice - Krakow motorway, with a total value of production of approximately EUR 36 million

2010-2012 refurbishment of 22 bridges on the A4 Katowice - Krakow motorway, with a total value of production of approximately EUR 25 million

2011 hydraulic works with a value of EUR 4 million

2012 enlargement of the Brzeckowice toll collection station with a value of approximately EUR 3 million.

In 2013 Pavimental Polska carried out work related to:

  • Extension of tolling station in Balice on the A4 Katowice – Cracow;
  • Earthworks related to levelling of land and archaeological research for the factory General Motors in Gliwice.

In the same year Pavimental Polska has also began works related to:

  • Contract F2b-4-2013 - Reconstruction of drainage A4 Katowice - Cracow motorway on the section Silesian - Section I.
    Time completion: 2014, December.
  • Reconstruction of drainage channel on the apron at the Balice airport “John Paul II” in Cracow (modernization of linear drainage PPS).
    Time completion: 2014, August.

In 2014 Pavimental Polska has carried out the following work:

  • At the General Motors ground in Gliwice were executed works related to the contract involving the execution of design and construction the complete modernization of the existing linear drainage (repair drainage docks G100).
  • Contract HM-1-2014 - replacement repaving 2014 was also executed on the highway A4 Katowice - Krakow motorway.

In 2015 Pavimental Polska has completed the works related to the contract "Construction of western bypass of Chrzanów".


  • Contract WUPO "Replacement of Tolling Station’s Devices" for the Toll Plaza (PPO) in Brzęczkowice and Balice on the highway A4 Katowice-Cracow.
  • Contract No. F2b–8–2014 - Extension of the Mysłowice interchange and construction of the Rudno interchange along the A4 Motorway Katowice – Cracow.
    Duration of works: 2 years.
  • Contract No. F2b-6-2014 - Reconstruction of drainage of the A4 motorway on the Silesian section - Section II.
    Duration of works: 2 years.
  • Contract No. HM-3-2016 - Resurfacing 2016-2017.
    Duration of works: 2 years.