Napoli Capodichino International Airport

Value of the project (gross): € 2,130,947.10 

Expertise value (net): 1,617,678.27 

Completion of work (by contract): 04/01/2014 

Start of construction: 12/02/2013 

End of Work: 03/14/2014 

Expected duration of work: 120 days 

Actual duration of work: 103 days 

Earth-moving works: 300 mc 

Stabilizations background: 5.000 cbm 

Asphalt paving 13,200 tons



Main interventions: 

milling asphalt concrete 

stabilization in cement background 

paving asphalt concrete (base, binder, wear) 

excavation section for laying conduits medium voltage systems AVL 

laying AVL systems


Contract for renewal of pavement taxiway "TS" connections between "D" and "E".