Leonardo Da Vinci Airport - Fiumicino - Capacity increase and extension of the existing Sector 200 apron

Capacity increase and extension of the existing Sector 200 apron in the South-East Area

Project value: 22,433,985.85 Euros

End of works (as per contract): 15 DECEMBER 2015

Start of works: 05 MAY 2015

End of works: 15 DECEMBER 2015

Expected duration of works: 224 days

Effective duration of works: 224 days

Earth movements: 153,398.30 m3

Sub-foundations: 117,902.82 m3

Concrete: 8,352.10 m3

Asphalt surfacing: 34,060.84 TONNES

Main interventions carried out and to be carried out: Pavimental is involved in the transformation of all the existing parking places in sector 200 of Fiumicino airport into code C aircraft stands and the extension of the apron towards the south for the construction of 6 new code C parking places. This extension, constructed using a flexible surfacing with a high module (6 cm thickness) top layer, will involve the extension of aircraft stand taxi lane “EC” by approximately 140 metres and taxi lanes “ED” and “EF” by 165 metres.


On completion of the planned intervention, four new 30m floodlight pylons will be installed for lighting the parking places in the extended area and three 15m high ones for lighting the two new areas for the ramp vehicles. AVL signals, required for the extension of the taxi lanes will also be installed, and new signage will be positioned on the new axis of taxi lane “EF”.