Leonardo Da Vinci Airport - Fiumicino - Construction of a new area to be used for de-icing

Construction of a new area to be used for de-icing in the proximity of the runway 34L threshold of RWY 16L/34R


Project value: 5,001,904.02 Euros

End of works (as per contract): 14 NOVEMBER 2015

Start of works: 14 NOVEMBER 2014

End of works: 14 NOVEMBER 2015

Expected duration of works: 365 days

Earth movements: 16,726.31 m3

Sub-foundations: 9,729.74 m3

Concrete: 1,248.58 m3

Asphalt surfacing: 10,331.24 TONNES

Main interventions carried out: Widening of the current holding bay at 34L threshold. Construction of 2 holding areas for the temporary holding of the de-icer vehicles. Construction of a new apron rainwater drainage system. Construction of a system for capturing and accumulating de-icing fluid. Construction of a station for refuelling / resting de-icing vehicles. Construction of the new connection system for the de-icing areas at the threshold and the vehicle refuelling / resting station. Civil engineering works concerning the AVL installations for taxiing and the relevant vertical boards. Luminous signage for indicating the temporary holding areas for the de-icing vehicles.